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We wouldn't call ourselves YourDeliciousCake for nothing!  My name is Marlene and I've been baking cakes for over 30 years. I believe there are a lot of good cake bakers out there who go unheard of and based on the cake feedback I had baked for friends and family, they made me realise I was one of them.

It’s not just looks that make a great cake, it’s the taste. This business has been a dream come true and I love baking cakes, this is my hobby, my passion as well as my work which I truly enjoy.

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Quick Information

31 Years Experience
ANY Cake Design Possible
100 % Customer Satisfaction

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Here at Your Delicious Cake, we understand you want something bespoke and usually this is a blend of looks and taste. That's what we strive to provide.

Questions? Please feel free to contact us about anything.   Contact Us


We can accommodate all your requirements.


Your very special day needs that very special cake.


Possibly a babies first cake!


From ages 1 - 103, we've done them all.


Delicious branding for that working event.


Some so pretty, you won't want to cut them!


Moving House, New Job, Travelling and much more!


Frequently Asked Questions

How can i contact you?

We are contactable through the contact form below, or call us on
(0)7894 089481. You can even find us on Facebook where pictures are updated regularly.


Where do you operate from?

I operate from my home in Oxford, this means no shop overheads which is a lower price for you and a great home baked taste. We have a food hygiene certificate and always practice good hygiene practices which meets the UK & EU regulations.


 What are the cake prices?

Obviously these do range in price, but we pride ourselves in being fair, competitive and again I love baking cakes, no prices have been listed as no 2 cakes are usually the same, some may have a filling for example and wedding cakes are very complex due to specific requirements such as stand hire, different flavoured tiers, marzipan/icing, flowers etc...


Are the photo cakes safe to eat?

Yes, we use a specially designed printer, icing sheets and food colouring to ensure that this is fully edible, even the glitter we may use and food coloured pens are passed and certified as edible, most items are edible on the cake unless otherwise stated.


What notice period is needed for a delicious cake?

Sponge or chocolate can sometimes be done with as little as 24hrs notice depending on how busy we are. However the more notice you can give the better.  A fruit cake will require two weeks notice, but you will find the more notice you can give, the better the taste, we may be able to do something sooner as we occasionally have fruit cakes ready due to how long they can last.  But again, the more notice given, the better.

Can i visit you to order a delicious cake?

Yes you can, when ordering a complex cake, or if this is for your special day we understand attention to detail is important for you. We also offer tasters. All visits must be arranged beforehand.


How do i pay for my cake?

Cheque or cash usually required on delivery, we are working on making payments available online.



Do you only make what's listed on your site or can I design something myself for you to create?

You can absolutely design something yourself!  Whether it’s from a drawing or a picture of something you have seen, inspiration is everywhere!  A lot of our designs can be fully tailored to you, as unique as you would like or if you want us to create something using certain colours etc, then we are more than willing to create something using our own creative imagination!


Wedding cake set up at the venue.  Is this something you do?

We can set up the cake at the venue, which is possibly an additional fee or something that’s agreed within the proposal, but we can also give simple instructions and demo how this needs to be done for you to allow someone else to do this for you.


Can I order a gluten-free delicious cake?

This is a rare request but you most certainly can, please give as much notice as possible.

Portion Size / Allergy

All sizing and portions information are to be taken as estimates.

Fruit Cake Portions Sponge Cake Portions
Size Round Square Size Round Square
6" 15-20 20-25 6" 10-15 10-15
8" 30-40 40-50 8" 15-20 20-25
10" 50-70 70-85 10" 25-35 35-45
12" 80-100 100-125 12" 45-55 50-70

This is a guide only, and can vary

A fruit cake you will normally have a smaller slice due to the richness, however sponge cakes serve less as the slice is bigger.

For example, a 10” round sponge cake should serve 25 – 35 people although I have seen one 10” round cake only survive 13 very hungry people in less than 2 days!

Nut Allergy Disclaimer

While peanuts or other tree nuts may not be a key ingredient in every one of our baked goods, all our bakery and pastry items are produced in the same area where products containing various nut items are created.

The cake is perfect! Just what I wanted, very stylish and modern, it's amazing

By L Sapey

Totally blown away by my grandsons christening cake I picked up today. Thank you so much.

By S Hastings

I was truly delighted with the personal service from Your Delicious Cake. The birthday cake was more than I could have hoped for.

By Kelly Brown